How to use Ecoplug

drillsDrill a hole 1/2" diameter and 1 3/8" – 1 5/8" deep.
Use a hammer to drive the plug into the hole, thus sealing the opening so that no substance can escape.

Where should you apply the plug?

There are two main methods.
On standing trees and on stumps from the side or on the stump also from above.
(we recomment to apply the plug from the side to achieve as good result as possible)


Use the plug:

  • On fresh wood. If it is an old stump give it a fresch cut or insert the plugs as near to the ground as possible. Or directly on the roots spreading from the stump.
  • Evenly distributed around the stump/tree
  • Close to the bark and the capillary system

How many plugs will be needed

plugsappliedsmallInsert the plugs at intervals of about 2,5 to 3 inches.
In most cases you can estimate the number of plugs by measureing the diameter of the stump in inches and divide by 1,5.

How slender stumps can be treated

The stump needs to be about one inch thick.
If it burst, give it a new cut and squeeze the stump with your fist when inserting the plug.


See a movieclip of how it's done in three simple steps.

Demonstration Ecoplug

Ecoplug Commercial

Ecoplug superior to spraying

A test made in the UK and published by JSD Rails confirms Ecoplug is superior to spraying

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